How to make Scotch Whisky in 21 steps

1 : Barley used in whisky production is grown throughout the British Isles.

2: The harvested barley is transported to a maltings facility.

3: After cleaning and grading, the barley is soaked in water inside large steeping vessels.

4: The barley is spread across the floor of the germinating and kilning vessel.

5: A rotating floor pushes the barley through a bank of turners which gently lifts the grain from top to bottom.

6: After th barley begins to sprout the vessel is heated by kiln burners, halting the germination process.

7:The barley is ground in a malt mill to produce ‘grist’.

8: Hot water is added to the grist in a ‘mash tun’

9: After mashing, the resulting sugar solution or ‘wort’ is drained off.

10: Fermentation occurs in a wooden ‘washback’.

11 : The resulting liquid is boiled in the copper wash stills.

12 : The first distillation produces a ‘low wine’.

13: The resulting spirit is put into oak barrels. These are often bourbon or sherry casks

14 : The aged whisky is then pumped into tankers for delivery to…

15 – 19  : Fresh bottles are sterilized, filled, capped, labelled and packed into boxes.

20 : Glue is squirted onto the top of the boxes to stop them shifting in transit.

21: Finally, the pallet of boxes is wrapped in cellophane ready for shipping.


The forgotten tribe in West Virginia thinking that Donald Trump is the only hope

56 % of non-colleges educated withes say the gouvernment in Washington does not represent them.

58% of rural working class whites say America’s best days have comme and gone.

In the past, Welch in West Virginia was as « Little new York », now all are slowly slipping away.

The coal industry in complte decline is the bedrock of Welch. It is in competition with cheaper natural gaz and tougher environmental rules.

There, the unemployment rate is 12,5% compared with 4,9% nationwide.

Hillary Clinton wants to shut down the coal industry. Donald Trump promised to bring back lost-coal mining jobs without telling how he’d pull it off.

For many people tied with the coal industry, Trump  is their only answer.

A lot of working class withes people see Trump as a businessman to be able to help their county.

Keys of US presidential election

Florida and Pennsylvania are the crucial states.

Without its 29 electoral votes in Florida, it’s impossible to see Donald Trump getting elected president.

Before the three debates, the poll is 273 electoral votes for Hillary Clinton and 191 for Donald Trump.

Maine and Nebraska are the only two states without a winner-take-all system. It means they could pick up one or two Electoral College more votes if the win in congressionnal districts.